Get your REST APIs to a completely new level including this high-level Flask and Python course!

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Last updated 11/2018 



  • 12.5 hours on-demand video
  • 11 articles
  • 145 downloadable support
  • Full lifetime entrance
  • Introduction of mobile and TV
  • Certification of Achievement

What you’ll get

  • Combine excellent functionality in your APIs such as picture upload, payments, or user authentication e-mails!
  • Begin your REST API development to a full new level by becoming familiar including more of the Flask ecosystem
  • Gain controls of existing REST APIs including database migrations and general refactoring information
  • Quickly deploy documentation pages and examine your API including Postman’s collection runner



  • Have programming knowledge including Python (superior) or different Object-Oriented Programming language
  • Some understanding of how the web operations (requests and responses) will be necessary!
  • PyCharm (free) or different code editor


Welcome to our Advanced REST API Program!

We designed the most familiar introductory REST API development program on Udemy, including over 4,000 reviews and 20,000 followers. Now we need to help you study even farther including this Advanced REST API course, of course still working Flask and Python.

Our initial course took you from zero to a stationed REST API that users could reach. In this one, we will cover a complete bunch of topics students have been demanding for months!

Topics incorporated

  • Manage Marshmallow for information serialization and deserialization
  • Send e-mails and user agreements
  • Upload images
  • Database departures
  • Simple ways of communicating documentation and testing your API
  • Manage payments utilizing Stripe
  • Third-party login using OAuth (GitHub is accepted as the example)
  • Comprehensive software development experiencerefactoringdebugging, and more!
  • Utilize the most advanced technologies and the most beneficial practices. We explain anything utilizing Python 3.7, the newest version.

Course structure


We’ll begin by a simple REST API and guide you everything you require to know regarding it—so even if you’ve not accepted our first course, you can regard forward including definitely no issues. We’ve even written an e-book to receive you up to speed immediately including this starter REST API!

We offer new innovations and technologies by cooking them into this application so you can understand how an acknowledged REST API is developed. Every extra innovation is added to a completely going application and tested!

We’ll also assist you to learn more concerning how to create features incrementally to take them to your users fast and minimize opportunity!

Advanced course

Identify, this is our most excellent course yet! You should have complete programming knowledge including Python or different programming languages. Some information about how web acts are also really effective.

You should have experience of how to install Python combinations and how to operate your Python applications. If you’ve practiced virtual or Pipenv ahead, that’s wonderful! Philosophy of PyCharm for debugging is also a plus, although we will treat utilizing the debugger in the program! 

What this course is for:

  • Software developers operating on a REST API who require to add excellent functionality to it
  • Backend developers engaged in gaining awareness of Flask and its ecosystem
  • Excellent developers of different programming languages who require to get up to speed fast including Advanced REST API development in Python

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