Learn how to code and launch websites from scratch including HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress

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Last updated 11/2016


What Will I Get?

  • Create custom websites and themes using WordPress
  • Create beautiful, modern user interfaces that are mobile-friendly
  • Design and sell custom WordPress themes to the public


  • No coding experience is needed and all software utilized in this course is free.



Determine how to create and launch custom sites and web apps using WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS and more extra. This course is complete and covers everything you need to know to make your own custom sites with WordPress. No earlier coding knowledge is required.

WordPress powers about 25% of the websites in the world, so these experiences are invaluable. WordPress developers get on average $65,000 per year and upwards of $100,000 including more experience. You can also use these talents for freelancing or selling custom site themes to the public.

In this course, you’ll get WordPress theme development in full. This will enable you to make your own websites and give them a custom user interface (look and feel). You’ll walk away with the confidence to build your own sites on the fly.

Definitely, in this course, you’ll get the following:

  1. Setting Up for Coding
  2. Whence WordPress Theme Files Work
  3. Important PHP Code
  4. Whence to Save and Display Page Content From a MySQL Database
  5. HTML5 and CSS3
  6. Twitter Bootstrap during Layout and Design
  7. Plugin API Hooks
  8. Dynamic Navigation Menus
  9. Common WordPress Uses for the Functions File
  10. Custom Page Templates
  11. Integrating a User Commenting System
  12. Custom Fonts
  13. How to Know the WordPress Documentation
  14. Professional Best Practices in WordPress Web Development

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for web designers taken in web development
  • This course is for people among knowledge with HTML and CSS
  • This course is for people who have short or no WordPress knowledge
  • This course is not for skillful PHP and WordPress developers

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