Learn Android App Development including Android 7 Nougat through building real apps with Uber, Whatsapp, and Instagram!

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What you’ll get

  • Get ample much each Android app you want (your exclusive purpose is your imagination)
  • Suggest your apps to Google Play and make revenue with Google Pay and Google Ads
  • Grow a professional app developer, get freelance gigs and operate from anywhere in the world
  • Annoyed with the very old, same old? Petition for a new job in a software firm as an Android developer

Subject content 272 lectures



  • A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer
  • ZERO programming experience required – I’ll explain to you everything you want to know



Please note that there is a more latest version of the program (the Complete Android Oreo Developer Course) possible. During this Android N version of the program, I use Android Studio versions 2.0 and 2.1.2, and recommend students do the same.

So you require to make your own apps?

And you want to create them… from the convenience of your home… in your personal time… without growing to attend school… or wade into countless textbooks (or online designs).

Am I right?

And let me recommend: you only want the most advanced technology, software, and techniques—because you’ve got huge plans, big ideas—and let’s be impartial… you’re feverish and you want to jump the line?


My name’s Rob Percival, creator of the world’s best-selling online coding programs… andI’ve created The Complete Android N Developer Course, unusually for YOU.

Developing on last year’s runaway leader: The Complete Android Developer Course (Udemy’s best-ever-selling Android course, with over 50,000 satisfied students), The Complete Android N Developer Course has been clarified, honed and microscopically finished to deliver even more relevant content, all invented for the latest Android 7.

A large range of technologies is covered, including open source Parse Server, Firebase, Admob, GDX (game development), Bluetooth and a complete lot more extra.

This time, appropriating hot-off-the-press Android Nougat (placing excellent levels of appearance, productivity and security immediately into your hands), The Complete Android N Developer Course involves building a WhatsApp clone PLUS three brand spanking new chapters on how to sell your apps—and start piling in the cash.

What is obstructing you from signing up to today?

· You don’t have sufficient time: Not an issue. We’ve created this course so you can get everything you need in as little as SIX WEEKS.

· You’re yet weighing up the value: Listen. We’ve made this program bigger, more reliable and more affordable—with even more content and also insider money-making tips—than EVER since. In fact, if you don’t 100% get everything you require from it… we’ll provide you your MONEY BACK.

· You don’t have any earlier knowledge: Seriously, not a problem. This course is expertly planned to educate everyone from complete newcomers, right through to pro developers.  (And yes, even pro developers use this course to immediately absorb the latest skills, while refreshing existing ones).

“Complete instructions for newcomers, easy to follow as all Rob’s courses. I would surely suggest this course :)”

“As a full-time developer, I created writing a game but never got anywhere. Too much judgment, object-oriented addition training. Then Rob made flappy birds right before my eyes. Now I have a game working into the app store. This course is excellent for pro-developers too!”

Inflexible up: No additional course will take you to an expert app developer in as fast a time as this. Have other courses done this for you?

Purchase this course today and this is what you’ll learn.

Firstly, using Java and Android Studio, I’ll guide you on how to create real, commercial apps by cloning WhatsApp, Uber, and Instagram.

And by the process—just like my other record-smashing courses—this course is project-based, which indicates you develop your own apps in REALTIME…As. You. Learn.

Over half a million followers tell me this is THE most motivating and efficient way to understand information.

· You’ll begin by downloading Android Studio and creating an easy-peasy Currency Converter app.

· Next up: you’ll create a Favourite Places app and a Brain Training app, before operating your way up to WhatsApp, Uber and Instagram clones — using Parse Server.

· You’ll also get a full guide on presenting your apps to Google Play, THREE BRAND NEW WALK-THROUGH chapters describing exactly how to efficiently sell your apps—and make revenue with Google Ads.

· You’ll get all the latest Android N features, including App Permissions and Android Pay.

· And lastly, we’ll take a look at Android Wear – the destiny of wearable computing.

Can you imagine you buy all this (and more) for just $200?

“Marvelous course that explains everything you want to get about making android apps from the primary to the advanced. Even if you have no experience you can absorb so much from this course.”

What else will I receive if I buy this course now?

· FULL LIFETIME Admittance (including video downloads and updates) for a ludicrously affordable one-off payment.

· $50 Amazon AWS Credit for hosting your personal social apps.

· PEACE OF MIND: Determine from the author of three of the most popular online courses, happily preparing over 200,000 students and receiving 10,000 5* reviews.

· Endless PROJECT SUPPORT: Whenever you require it, in the course forums.

· Better LEARNING: Create your own real apps as you perform, with not a yawnsome programming idea insight.

· £300 WORTH OF EXCLUSIVE APP TEMPLATES, icons, and frameworks (designed for Android N)

· ONE YEAR’S FREE WEB HOSTING on Eco Web Hosting’s Advanced Package, worth £119. *Confined to one year per scholar, not per sessions*

“So much more reasonable than the other 6+ classes I have taken away. This course is a necessity! Thank you!”

Why learn to build Android apps?

· Android is outdoors a doubt THE largest mobile platform in the world, including over 80% market share and over 1 billion devices sold in 2016 apart.

· You can generate for Android on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

· Java is a wonderful language to study, enabling you to make apps for PC, Mac, and the web, as strong as Android.

Who is the point audience?

  • Anyone who requires to be an app developer: This is a complete course, just like my Entire Web, iOS and Apple Watch courses. It will guide you on how to earn money from your apps as well as how to code.
  • Anyone who desires to get the code: Java is a wonderful language to study how to code with.
  • Anyone who needs to learn how computers work: Training to code is so much more exceeding than meaning able to create apps – understanding whereby computers work is your key to a hugely influential world.

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