In this Adobe Illustrator Advanced course, we’ll study Advanced methods for graphic design, logo design, and illustration

Designed by Daniel Walter Scott, Instructor HQ Last updated 11/2018


What you’ll get

  • You will be able to earn more utilizing these new Illustrator talents.
  • You will build multiple images for you to utilize in your Portfolio.
  • You will be capable to join ‘Advanced Illustrator User’ to your CV.
  • 53 Lectures 4+ hours of content
  • Speed up your fertility & workflow
  • Excellent anchor point & pen tool tricks
  • You will make your own animated gifs.
  • Mastering lines & boxes
  • Depth & panorama
  • Set strong defaults for fonts, colors
  • Be capable to turn hyphenation off once and for each
  • Create beautiful charts & graphs.
  • You will get to make quick color adjustments, gradients meshes & how to blend it completely together
  • Your creativity will be increased once you finish the transform, distort & blending segment of the course
  • Know how to speed up your special workflow & how to hurry up Illustrator
  • Build your own custom icons.
  • You’ll draw many animals to examine the fastest ways to build them.
  • You’ll build your own custom lettering utilizing swirls, whips & flourishes.
  • Use hand-drawn lettering and vectorize it in Illustrator.
  • You’ll build 3D icons for a website.
  • You’ll build UI designs for an app & website.
  • You’ll make paper cut effects inside of text.
  • You’ll create a pie chart, a line chart & bar graph.
  • You’ll blend original images together to make modern Instagram style filters.
  • You’ll build a postcard including advanced color & prepress tricks.
  • Adjust all the colors in your illustrator at once, giving it simple to re-color & test color mixtures.
  • Warp text so that it fits inside of shapes.
  • Build a 3D style ribbon.
  • Create 3D text & logos.
  • Build lots of blended lines for exciting linear effects.
  • Make linocut flowers.
  • Make duotones.
  • Make a halftone image.
  • Fill shapes including text.


  • Any variant of Adobe Photoshop, optionally the CC (Creative Cloud) version.
  • Necessary knowledge of Illustrator is needed. I suggest seeing my Illustrator Essentials course ere this program.
  • If you know how to draw easy icons & you already know what a support point is. Then this subject if for you.



Do you know you’re only utilizing 50% of Illustrator’s capabilities? Ready to upgrade yourself? Then this course will bring to you the top level of Illustrator knowledge.

Hi there, welcome to this Adobe Illustrator special tutorial.

My name is Dan. I’m an ACI & ACE for Illustrator. This course is a more high-level look at Illustrator. It’s not created for people they are brand new to Illustrator.

This course is for people who can already recognize the fundamentals of Illustrator. If you previously know what a support point is and how to improve it this course is for you.

  • Giovanni: “ I saw your course and the next two or three lessons I already knew that I made a gold-value property. The teacher’s statement is crystal cleared and to the point, while also counting alternative situations where a student might get stuck. Really good consideration to the organization and each minute of this course carries value to me and enriches my imagination including the power of Illustrator. This course is all you require to grow from being an ok user of an illustrator to doing an expert including unlimited possibilities. Highly recommended.”

This program will hurry up your potency & workflow. It is project-based, so you will receive the tools & tricks to build some really beautiful current design styles.

Even if you think yourself a skilled user, I promise there will be items in here that will go your Illustrator mind.



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