Learn Android App Development with Android 7 Nougat through building real apps including Uber, Whatsapp, and Instagram!

BestsellerCreated by Rob Percival, Marc Stock, Codestars by Rob PercivalLast updated 7/2018EnglishWhat you’ll get

  • Make sizeable much any Android app you want (your only purpose is your imagination)
  • Submit your apps to Google Play and create revenue with Google Pay and Google Ads
  • Become an acknowledged app developer, take freelance gigs and serve from anyplace in the world
  • Bored with the very old, same old? Appeal for a new job in a software company as an Android developer

Course content272 lectures


  • A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer
  • ZERO programming knowledge needed – I’ll guide you everything you require to understand


Please note that there is a more modern paraphrase of the course (the Complete Android Oreo Developer Course) available. In this Android N variant of the course, I use Android Studio versions 2.0 and 2.1.2 and suggest students do the equivalent.


So you need to build your personal apps?

And you need to build them… from the convenience of your home… in your personal time… outdoors having to attend class… or wade within endless textbooks (or online guides).

Am I right?

And let me guess: you just want the most advanced technology, software, and procedures—because you’ve arranged big strategies, big ideas—and let’s be honest… you’re impatient and you require to jump the line?

My name’s Rob Percival, author of the world’s best-selling online coding courses… andI’ve created The Complete Android N Developer Course, particularly for YOU.

Building on most developed year’s deserter success: The Complete Android Developer Course (Udemy’s best-ever-selling Android course, with over 50,000 satisfied students), The Complete Android N Developer Course has been cleaned, honed and microscopically polished to deliver even further relevant content, all created for the latest Android 7.


A large range of technologies is involved, including open source Parse Server, Firebase, Admob, GDX (game development), Bluetooth and a whole lot more.

This time, working hot-off-the-press Android Nougat (putting unmatched levels of performance, potency, and security straight into your hands), The Complete Android N Developer Course includes developing a WhatsApp clone PLUS three brand spanking new chapters on how to market your apps—and start piling in the cash.

What’s stopping you from signing up to today?

· You don’t have full time: Not an issue. We’ve designed this course so you can get everything you want in as little as SIX WEEKS.

· You’re still weighing up the content: Listen. We’ve made this course more important, better and more affordable—with even more content and more insider money-making tips—than EVER back. In fact, if you don’t 100% get everything you need from it… we’ll provide you your MONEY BACK.

· You don’t have any past experience: Seriously, not a problem. This course is expertly planned to teach everyone from complete newcomers, right through to pro developers.  (And yes, even pro developers take this course to immediately absorb the most advanced skills, while refreshing existing ones).

I run three of the most strong online coding courses on the planet, and I’m so inspired to share them with you.

I have a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University and am a web and app developer based in Cambridge, UK. Since working as a secondary school teacher for 10 years, I’ve nevermore lost my love for teaching.

Maybe that’s why my aim is so simple: To get as many people helping from app development as possible. But more importantly, that my courses are agreeable and deliver actual results for you… Today and tomorrow.

These are the elements that drive me to persist pushing what’s possible in online education.

OK, let’s start…

“Outstanding! Rob delivers high-quality content once extra. It’s not just the countless content and the clear answers that you get but more importantly the reliance that you build. A need for any developer.”Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who requires to be an app developer: This is a complete course, just like my Full Web, iOS and Apple Watch courses. It will guide you on how to make money from your apps as properly as how to code.
  • Anyone who wants to get to code: Java is a wonderful language to learn how to code with.
  • Anyone who wants to understand how computers run: Learning to code is so satisfying more special than staying capable to make apps – understanding how computers work is your code to a hugely powerful world.


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