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Master Machine Learning Algorithms Utilizing Python From Beginner to Super Advance Level including Mathematical Insights.

Designed by Teclov Pvt LtdLast updated 11/2018


What you’ll get

  • Master Machine Learning in Python
  • Get to use matplotlib for Python Plotting
  • Study to manage Numpy and Pandas for Data Analysis
  • Learn to use Seaborn for Statistical Plots
  • Learn All the Mathematics Wanted to get Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Complete Machine Learning Algorithms along including Mathematic intuitions
  • Projects of Kaggle Level are covered including Complete Solutions
  • Learning End to End Data Science Solutions
  • Complete Advanced Level Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques like Regularisations, Boosting, Bagging and many more introduced
  • Get All Statistical concepts To Obtain You Ninza in Machine Learning
  • Real-World Case Studies
  • Standard Performance Metrics
  • Deep Learning
  • Model Choice


  • Any Freshman Can Begin this Course
  • 2+2 knowledge is more than satisfactory as we have covered almost everything from the scar.



Need to become a great Data Scientist? Then this is the right course for you.

This course has been created by IIT professionals who have studied in Mathematics and Data Science. We will be treating complicated theory, algorithms and coding institutions in a really easy way which can be simply taken by any novice as great.



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