Master WordPress including this Whole WordPress Course, externally learning how to code and outwardly any programming!

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What you’ll get

  • Organize all varieties of commercial websites, utilizing WordPress, to sell to consumers
  • Master the inner workings of WordPress, for making, troubleshooting, and creating websites
  • Set up server and hosting environments in the most efficient and safe way
  • Create and edit websites inside staging and development environments
  • Transfer and variation WordPress websites of staging to exist and vice-versa
  • Sell Website Supervision and Maintenance plans to happy customers for recurring revenue

Course content Expand all 97 lectures 21:27:41


  • An effective computer, either Windows or Mac.
  • A current browser like Chrome, or Firefox.
  • Internet entrance for several of the lessons.
  • You don’t require any experience including programming languages like HTML or CSS.



“This is one of the greatest Word Press courses you will obtain. Gregg is a phenomenal instructor and his lesson programs are well designed. The models are very simple to comprehend and engaging. I began this course beside no experience nor understanding of Word Press and now I’m super positive in my capacity to produce quality websites!” –William Hopkins

“So far this course has been the most beneficial I have encountered on Udemy! Gregg’s videos are precise and concise externally any fluff. I have messaged him in the Q&A segment and received a response inside 12 hours! Can’t wait to grow to the end!” –Walter King

No better time than now, and only growing

Including WordPress powering more than 25% of all websites in the world, there’s never been a better time to make earnings and business about it.

You’re here because you need to master WordPress, right? Good plan. You’re in the best place. And, you can do it externally learning any programming or coding.

While WordPress is an open reservoir, and because of that has thousands of developers building support for it, it still needs quite a bit of studying to become a master at creating and maintaining websites with it. It’s not only learning the WordPress software, but there’s also a little amount of graphic design experience required, hosting and server administration, troubleshooting broken sites or problems by hacking into the back end and server set, and correctly staging development environments about new sites or when operating 


Through this course, I’ll guide you everything I’ve got and mastered

through 10 years of developing, managing, migrating and hosting WordPress websites.

“He is concise and well-spoken, externally dumbing it down at all. As a complete newbie to WordPress, I’m thankful he’s attempting this! 3 lessons in and it’s excellent so far.” –Jamie Rasmussen

My business lets me operate on my own schedule, control my home workspace

outdoors a boss or a manager, and provides me an unlimited ceiling for profit and revenue and time scope.

Without getting to code or programming anything, I’m capable to leverage what’s previously been prepared including WordPress to build modern, robust and functional websites for customers of all types.

I’m hoping you’ll grow to the same wonderful place in your professional life. Let this course give you the head begin you want to grow your revenue fast.

Many of my most reliable and biggest customers have come from “abandoned” WordPress websites, where the client’s website designer or developer has left the view. My experience to grow in and restore, fix, redesign, and proceed to manage WordPress websites makes me lots of instants and recurring revenue.

You’ll get how to do all this in 20 hours of easy-to-follow video content, fun lessons, and challenges.

Throughout this course, you’ll get everything you require to know to begin or develop your own WordPress website business.

  • Over 20 hours of video teaching and practice.
  • Get to set up local development environments to play including WordPress websites in private, on your own computer.
  • Assess and choose to host for your own websites and customer sites, including insights from 15 years of hosting client websites.
  • Free extended hosting trials at SiteGround and Flywheel for completing coursework and hosting your website operations.
  • Premium Products WordPress Sandbox, where you can work including several premium WordPress support, like Genesis Framework and Themes, WPMUDev Plugins, and extra award mechanisms.
  • Your Website Sandbox lets you build an unlimited number of experiential learning environments.
  • Create more than 10 modern mobile-responsive websites, each including a different focus and learning purpose – any one could be re-purposed for a client website.
  • Active and helpful center and forum.
  • Direct entrance to your instructors for questions and help within the Udemy communications channels.
  • Lifetime entrance to the course, including all future updates.

What will I get that I can apply to create a profitable business right away?

  • Download and configure free open-source software accessories and use online services to build the resources you want to build and manage WordPress websites.
  • Master the ins-and-outs of hosting and development environments, including servers, files, and databases that WordPress utilizes.
  • Determine how to grow into the WordPress files and database to manually control installation and troubleshooting for WordPress websites.
  • Create an easy brochure website after installing and configuring WordPress manually.
  • Add contact forms, Google Maps embedded in the site, and Google Analytics integrations for tracking visitors and traffic.
  • Build a blog-style website, including category and tag navigation systems, and post formats for creating content.

How about more superior topics I’ll require?

  • WordPress website migration and exciting sites to different hosts and servers.
  • Hosting differences and migration services.
  • Utilizing staging areas for website development and updating.
  • Working including Theme Frameworks and Child Themes.
  • Building a Child Theme manually and utilizing a plugin.
  • Customizing the WordPress Dashboard for customers.
  • Working including plugins, and vetting them for usability, reputation, and longevity.
  • Website Speed and Special testing.
  • Custom Post Types for customizing a website’s functionality to match the requirements of a customer.
  • Working including and extending Genesis Child Themes.
  • Setting up email systems: transactional email sent by WordPress, purchasing email sent to email lists in bulk, and special email addresses at website domains.
  • ECommerce and WordPress: utilizing WooCommerce to create a website, and using Custom Post Types within WooCommerce.
  • Customizing Account, Cart, and Checkout pages.
  • Transportation and Digital Delivery.
  • Updating WordPress, Themes, and Plugins.
  • Operating multiple websites for recurring income.
  • Creating multiple back-ups and restore systems.
  • Utilizing website security by https:// and SSL Certificates.

Landing, managing and keeping excellent consumers

  • Finding consumers and developing client proposals
  • Website administration and administration services for recurring income.
  • Consumer billing for flat-rate projects and recurring charges.

What this course is for:

  • Those engaged in studying to make websites utilizing open-source and free tools should take this course.
  • Those easy including WordPress, who want a deeper conclusion of how all the parts fit collectively, should conduct this course.
  • Those new to WordPress, but studying for a full system for building and maintaining professional websites for consumers or themselves, should get this course.

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